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12/25/06 – Obtaining the engine

 At the moment I still don't have the car, but I am going to need it very soon. I am just awaiting delivery... It's an 86 325e coupe. 1

I don't know much about BMW's. In fact I hate most Euro cars. Especially VWs. 2 No matter, it was a clean, available, RWD chassis. Plus, E30s are like the new civics. 3 They are cheap, light, and have the added benefit of RWD.

I pulled it out of a 1992 skyline GTR that was receiving the RB26 that I sold the owner of the GTR. 4 It has a few mods like splitfire coilpacks and a 3 puck Nismo clutch. It may have aftermarket cams. 5  We are not sure (note classic shocker pose, Both of these pictures are JOKES): 6


Pulling the motor out of the car was fairly easy.  We simply dropped the entire crossmember.  At the time, reflecting on how easily the engine came out of the car I remember thinking about how easy this project would be.

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(1)       WRONG AGAIN!

(2)       I have since refined this view to: “I hate most VW owners”

(3)       I really try and hammer this point home, mostly for entertainment value of annoying BMW purists.

(4)       This was the engine that was going into my 240SX.  Still kicking myself for ever selling that project.  It was going to be one of the burliest GT-R motors…

(5)       It did not

(6)       I’m not sure why I felt the need to point this out.  I think I was trying to minimize annoying off topic banter about my hair/pose/etc. etc.  Interestingly enough, the haircut became a point of contention about 14 months later…