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12/29/06 – Finishing the oil pan

I used a roll form 1" NPT tap. This tap actually requires a larger hole because it actually forms the material vs. cutting it. Since my holes were slightly large as it were, this worked out well. I purchased two 1" NPT socket head pipe plugs in cast 356-f aluminum.1 (the same material the pan is made from2). I then coated the plugs in high temp, oil resistant epoxy and threaded them into the holes. I tightened them with a 1/2" breaker bar. Since both items are of the same material, both will exhibit similar heat expansion.


Problem solved.


The pan with the plugs installed:

The pan on the engine:

The plugs have been curing for about 14 months.  They should be ready to go.

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        (1)       Mcmaster Carr item 44705K337

(2)       Probably.