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12/30/06 – Gutting/Cleaning 

today's update.

Gutted the rest of the interior1:


 There are some holes in the floorboards that will be simple to patch up. Removed a lot of sound deadening. Seats + carpet easily weigh 200+ pounds, not to mention all the underdash stuff that's not going back in. 2

 Cleaned the engine bay a bit with degreaser 3. Also cut off some unused brackets for cleanliness.


Not much to say here.  It was pretty straight forward.

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        (1)       There really wasn’t a lot left in there….

(2)       I am hoping the car weighs less than 2500lbs all said and done…

(3)       This sucked, it was really cold out and the degreaser kept freezing to the car.  Not a good thing to be doing right after xmas…