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08/28/09 - Throttle Cable  and Fuse Panel

My first attempt at a throttle cable was some brake line and some bulkhead fittings I had.  In the back of my mind, I knew that braided teflon brake hose did not have the compressive resistance (axial) to operate as a throttle cable, but here's how it turned out:

Needless to say, it did not work.  Well, it didn't work as well as it should, so I purchased a LOKAR 72" throttle cable.  I don't think it looks as interesting, but it's damn close.


The E30 normally pulls the throttle from a link that opens to a hole in the firewall that's located outboard of the brake booster.

That's unacceptable for two reasons.

1) It's even further from the throttle bodies.
2) Since I moved my brake booster, it's also right behind the brake booster.

So I relocated it to just above the pedal.  This required adding a link to the factory pedal.  I still need to add a spring in here somewhere, I don't want to rely on the throttle springs to return the pedal.  Also, the RB throttle bodies have a MUCH higher spring rate than the BMW single throttle body, so I may need to beef up the pedal.  It's just shitty plastic.

Also got the fuse panel mounted:

Here's a preview of my master cylinder reservoir.  Mounting this thing is proving to be a pain in the ass:

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