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02/23/10 - Oil temp sensor calibration

Though it's probably not the most accurate sensor in the world, I plan on using my 1 wire OEM oil temp sensor to display on my DASH2.  Since I have a consistent, regulated 5v supply to the sensor, I should be able to get fairly accurate results...  I may change to a regulated 12v supply at some point, though.

Inputting the sensor data into the dash 2 is pretty simple.  You just enter a voltage 

(a function of resistance defined as
V = Vo*R/(R+P)
Vo = supply voltage
R = Sensor resistance
P = Pull up resistor value)

and a temperature into a table, enter as many data points as you'd like and it interpolates the rest (third order).

So I attached wires to the sensor:

Then stuck it in a digitally controlled oven.  I extended the wires out the door so I never had to open it, and simply took a resistance at various temperatures, allowing sufficient time to normalize.  

Pics of this:

And this is the data that I generated:

I also installed the intake manifold and waterpipe back on last night.  I used loctite 51531 in conjunction with the metal greddy gasket, and Nissan OEM sealant on the waterpipe.  There was actually a defect in the casting of the waterpipe that caused the faces to not match perfectly, so I block sanded the faces, dry fit them and used a feeler gauge to check for gaps.  Everything was very tight and close, so FINGERS CROSSED for no leaks!!!!!

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