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02/28/07 – Building the Downpipe, Paint Choice & Wheel Info 

The car is being painted green.1 

Olive army super high gloss...2 

The cage and engine are being done a really dark bronze. MMMM...3 

This is what I did tonight... It's as far from the reservoir as I can get it. I May need a heat shield4. The DP and manifold are getting coated with Swaintech White Lightning5. The DP will be completely enclosed by the tunnel.6 

also, put my order in for these bad boys... 8-12 weeks7.

17X10 & 17X8.5. Gold finish.


3.875 lip INDA REAR

Seriously.  The amount of dumb comments about the down pipe was staggering.  I don’t understand what about “totally enclosed by tunnel” was confusing, but it was one of the most annoying repeat questions of the project.  (well, with the exception of “Are you keeping it AWD?”)  The paint choice I saw on a civic in some Honda tuner magazine and I loved it, so that’s where I decided upon that.  I don’t think I have ever seen the color in person, though.  The wheel decision actually came AFTER I tried ordering a set of Brock B2s from  I had paid for them and everything was ready to go, until they told me that they couldn’t get them in my size.  Bummer, but a blessing in disguise.  The Work wheels are far hotter.

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(1)       I knew this a while before, but I think someone on the LT boards had asked.  The amount of POSTED interest was very very small…  I think it’s because most of the Elise guys are too stuck up to appreciate anything that takes effort, nor can they see the “big picture”  They only see a rusted old 80s car, not what it could become.

(2)       It’s actually a BMW Z4 Color

(3)       I have since decided to do the engine a lime green.  Not sure about the cage.

(4)       More like, DEFINITELY.

(5)       Maybe not.  It comes off and stains very easily.

(6)       This was bolded and in red font, yet it still blew peoples minds.  They couldn’t see how this was NOT going to be in the passenger compartment.

(7)       7 MONTHS!