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04/07/07 – Headliner 


First I had to remover the rear window1, this was surprisingly easy, as the windshield and rear windows on the BMW are held in with press molding, no glue... It's about the only thing in the whole car that isn't glued.2

 Then I screwed pressboard into the ceiling of the car with short sheet metal screws... in hindsight, probably should have been flatheads, but it's too late... I had to make a wooden subframe in a few locations, but it's not like the headliner really adds any strength.

The gap in the front is actually entirely covered by a trim panel, which is convenient.

 Next, I cut foam to fit on my new headliner, and affixed it with spray adhesive... It's definitely NEVER coming off...

Tomorrow I hope to get the fabric laid out. Also, does anyone know a good dye that could be used to dye my rear deck black? It's carpeted.3


 All buttoned up in case she has to go in the snow...


The way the factory headliner installs is so convoluted.  It really bums me out that after all of this work, it was ruined from the blaster.  I’m not sure exactly how I am going to fix it, but I am going to have to.  The cage makes it really hard…

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(1)       Seriously?  Why would BMW require that headliner replacement involved removing the windows.  It’s absurd.

(2)       Another annoying BMW trait.  Everything is glued together.  Nissans that I have worked with all fasten with clips and screws, making assembly and reassembly simple…

(3)       I got some dye from Jo-Anne Fabric that seemed to work pretty well.