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01/11/07 – Planning/Stripping 

Ok, last night I got back into it, no pictures though, sorry.

I removed the fuel tank and stripped the sound deadening from the interior. 1

I decided that we are going to run a 10 Gallon-ish fuel cell in the spare tire well, with the sump mounted such that it hangs out of the rear2 of the well a bit.

My GT35R arrived, but had the wrong exhaust housing on it, so we sent it back.3 We also decided we are going to be making a new exhaust manifold. The old one I made was "suckier"4 than I remembered it being... Plus it gives us a chance to use Don's new, baller ass header modeling system.5

The next step is going to be to mount the engine and transmission, as well as cut out the transmission tunnel. While we are welding6 in the new tunnel, I want to take care of the few rust holes in the chassis...

I'd really like to have someone knowledgeable with bodywork have a look at it and tell me how this should be addressed.

So if you've got experience with this kind of thing... especially those people who restore old cars, let me know when you can have a look at it... maybe lend a hand... It's one of the few things that don and I know very little about.7

I hope to have the motor mounting squared away before the following weekend...


The header modeling system was really cool, but the CAD I used later was even more effective.  A combination of both probably would have simplified the process.  I really wish I would have kept the T4 flanged housing.  That way when I upgrade the internals, I can just bolt on a new snail.  The fuel tank probably weighed 60lbs.  The back seats weighed a ton.  It’s funny that they are made out of springs wrapped in leather, so antiquated.


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        (1)       Used a heat gun for this.

(2)       AKA: The anonymity fiasco

(3)       It was a T4 flange.  I should have kept it…

(4)       It was awful.  Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4

(5)       We Didn’t Use it

(6)       Welding would have sucked!

(7)       Exactly why I am glad I decided to do it myself!