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02/09/07 – Building a Manifold Jig 

Next, I built a jig to mount the turbo... Yes, I know what you are thinking about turbo inlets... the answer is MAYBE...1

I included some frame reference planes and a motor mount clearance simulator, so that When I start drawing this in CAD, I will know what I need to avoid, without having to keep taking measurements on the car...2

 The jig idea worked perfectly.  I simply brought it to work and used it for the next step…  The pieces of shee metal simulate the frame rail, the curved part goes over the motor mount.


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(1)       A lot of people did NOT know what I was talking about.   I was referring to a duct the replaced one of the Bimmer headlights and rammed straight into the turbo.

(2)       Sure it looks pretty ugly, but it worked out well.  I should have also included a plane to represent the motor, as the manifold ultimately wound up very close to the engine.