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03/20/08 –Passenger Seat Brackets, Removing Sound Deadening

 It’s been a while since I updated.  A lot of this time has been spent doing body work, and performing small tasks such as improving the fit of the body panels1.  We also had an issue where the roof buckled slightly2.  But that’s all Andy’s deal.  Almost the entire car has been sanded now, so it’s getting close. 

Last night, however, I did something new.  First, I scraped off all of the remaining sound deadening in the passenger compartment with a heat gun and a scraper.

Next I welded in the body plugs, they have a habit of popping out.

First I cleaned the paint off:

Then I welded them:

I also welded a few miscellaneous, unused holes closed in the passenger compartment.


Next I built the passenger seat brackets.  This side had to be much more elaborate, because it had to be built over the void of the tunnel.  The finished mounting brackets came out nicely though!3  I will have to modify the tunnel slightly, but not to any major degree.  I am still going to try to make the tunnel removable without necessitating seat removal.


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(1)       If you’ll recall in some earlier pictures, the bodywork was held on with vice grips.  I welded on some tabs and installed some nutserts to replace these.  Pics to follow when the bodywork is removed.

(2)       This can probably be blamed on me putting too much heat into it while welding the sunroof closed.

(3)       Made from 1 X 1 X 11ga mild steel tubing.