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02/03/10 - Custom Shift Knob

Shift knobs are a weirdly important part of the aesthetics of a car (as well as functionality).  As such, I needed a really unique one...  The only way to do this? DIY.

I've always dug putting Hello Kitty stuff on my car.  It's so JDM. 

Trailer hitch cover:

Project a friend did based on my STi:

BMW horn button (was formerly on the STi)

So ANYWAY...  I needed something that incorporated JDM-ness with some German flair.  

What better than Hello Kitty in a German war helmet?

Drawing it in inventor was pretty much a huge pain, but I think it looks pretty good...

Then I printed her on our 3D printer...

I even printed the appropriate M10X1.25 thread in it:

Next up I'm going to paint her, then put a million coats of clear coat on it.  

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